There are many species of fish that can be caught on the Snake River through Hells Canyon (steelhead, salmon, trout, sturgeon, smallmouth bass), but the Snake River is hands down a blue-ribbon smallmouth bass fishery.  Learning to fly fish for trout and steelhead, bass never got much of my attention until I started fishing poppers on the surface through Hells Canyon.  When large bass began exploding several feet out of the water with my popper in their mouth, they literally got my attention!  We all love strategically placing dry flies on the surface to a rising trout and the great surge of energy that comes from a steelhead nailing a swung fly, but nothing compares to the savagery a smallmouth bass exacts on a popper gurgled across the calm water's edge in Hells Canyon!  Yes, I have been hooked and I think you will be too once you join us on a guided bass fly fishing trip on the Snake River through Hells Canyon!

Any trip through Hells Canyon by its very nature is also an outdoor classroom about its awe inspiring geology, a visual history book of ancient Nez Perce pictographs and homesteader cabins, and a real world field guide to the plants and animals of the canyon.  Evidence of human occupation of Hell's Canyon dates back well over 10,000 years and the canyon walls became works of art.  Chinese laborors came to the canyon in the mid 1800's searching for gold and homesteaders began arriving in the mid to late 1800's.  Their are good trails on both sides of the river most of the way allowing hikes to historical cabins, pictographs, rock foundations from the Chinese miners, and great views of the Wild and Scenic Snake River through Hells Canyon.    

Guided fly fishing trips in Hells Canyon can be booked on any of our normal launch dates, or private chartered groups can book a customized date with a minimum of 6 people.  Our guided trips in Hells Canyon will include our great camps you have come to love and expect with roomy tents, cots, pads and all camping gear provided.

Also a bird hunter? Check out our guided chukar hunting page and start planning your trip of a life time today!


Fly Fishing Rates

Half day Wallowa $200/1-2 anglers

Full day Wallowa $400/1-2 anglers

Full day Grande Ronde Troy section $550/1-2 anglers

Multi-day camp trip $425/day/person (all inclusive)

Hells Canyon Launch Dates

Primary Season:

May 25   

June 2, 10, 18, & 26   

July 4, 12, 20, 28

August 5, 13, 21, 29

September 6

You can book a chartered guided trip any date outside of the primary season with a minimum of 6 clients.

The Snake River through Hells Canyon: Wine & Food on the River 2019 launch dates

June 2-5 Dusted Valley and Andrae's Kitchen June 3-5 are non-motorized from Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing

July 12-16 Sleight of Hand Cellars and Andrae's Kitchen

July 28-31 Bergevin Lane Vineyards and Andrae's Kitchen  July 29-31 are non-motorized from Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing

August 21-25 Canvasback Wines a Duckhorn Wine Company  & Andrae's Kitchen

Book a custom launch date with your group of 6 or more people.

Spring Trout: Golden Stonefly Launch Dates 2018

June 12-15

June 18-21

June 24-27

June 29-July 2

Fall Steelhead Launch Dates 2018

September 30-October 3

October 5-9

October 11-14

October 15-19

October 22-26

October 29-November 2nd

November 5-9