Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Grande Ronde and Wallowa Steelhead are renowned for their willingness to aggressively take flies. Whether that is a top water skater, a swung traditional, or drifted nymphs, the ferocity and fight is sure to please even the most experienced angler. For several months in the fall and spring, Steelhead are the prized target for us in Northeast Oregon. Beginning each year near the end of September, consistent numbers of both wild and hatchery steelhead begin to migrate out of the Snake river into the Grande Ronde and Wallowa River system. The size and beauty of these fish paired with their responsiveness to swung, skated, and dead-drifted flies makes steelhead truly special. Our most popular trip to target these spectacular fish is a Multi-Day GuidedTrip down the roadless section of the Grande Ronde. However, we can target steelhead as well in the Wallowa River, and Snake River through Hells Canyon.

Steelhead Season

In Northeast Oregon we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish for steelhead six months out of the year. The first fish begin to enter the lower portions of the Grande Ronde River in mid-September, and continue to be present throughout the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Rivers all the way through the end of March. The most productive time to book a Grande Ronde steelhead guide is generally the end of September through November. While fish can still be found much later than this, we generally begin to focus our guided steelhead fly fishing trips on the Wallowa River through the winter until the end of March.

Equipment and Techniques

All of our fly fishing guides are prepared to assist you in whatever method you see best fit to target steelhead. Due to the size and aggressive nature of Steelhead, seven and eight-weight rods are appropriate.  Spey or switch rods to swing long, wide-open runs and single hand rods with dry lines and nymphs fished under an indicator are standard setups. 


Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

50% down payment is required to book a trip with final payment due 30 days prior to launch. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable.  You are welcome to find a replacement for your spot.  We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance through a company like AIG Travel Guard or Travelex.  Please understand that when you book a spot, we lose the right to sell your spot to other individuals.  Our number of trips and clients per trip are limited by river management plans. We cannot make exceptions due to medical or family emergencies or weather conditions and strongly advise purchasing insurance to protect your investment.  Cancellation and interruption insurance can include full refund of your deposit and final payment should you cancel. If you cannot afford to forfeit your reservation dollars, you should purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Fly Fishing Rates

Half day Wallowa $200/1-2 anglers

Full day Wallowa $400/1-2 anglers

Full day Grande Ronde Troy section $550/1-2 anglers

Multi-day camp trip $425/day/person (all inclusive)

Spring Trout: Golden Stonefly Launch Dates 2019

June 11-14 FULL

June 17-20 FULL

June 22-25 FULL

Fall Trout & Steelhead Launch Dates 2019

September 15-18

September 28--October 1

October 4-8 Hells Canyon Chukar hunting and fishing

October 10-13 FULL

October 15-19

October 22-26

October 29-November 2nd

November 5-9