Although from time to time we stand on our doorstep at the Minam Store and hear chukars calling from the hill above, our guided chukar hunts beginning on the Wallowa River are primarily focused on the ten mile stretch of the Grande Ronde River above the Powatka Bridge takeout.  As the Wallowa flows into the Grande Ronde and continues to descend north, its canyon opens and pine stands give way to the open grass slopes and rugged basalt rimrock that chukars love. That being said, there is plenty to do in the canyon before we reach that stretch. During the months of October and November the upper portion of the trip provides rafters with a beautiful backdrop of larches, alders, and cottonwoods turning golden and beginning to drop their leaves. Additionally, for people interested in combination guided hunting and fishing trips, both the Wallowa and Grande Ronde offer excellent trout fishing in the fall with the chance of hooking steelhead improving as winter approaches. If you'd rather focus soley on bird hunting, the canyon offers excellent ruffed grouse numbers in the riparian zone and ample dusky(blue) grouse hunting on the open timbered ridges and benches above.

Why book a river trip? This stretch of the Grande Ronde is a designated Wild and Scenic waterway and is within a roadless and trailess area. This limits access and insures the birds aren't overly pressured. Chukar hunting down the river helps prevent bumping elbows with other hunters or fighting for access to the best areas with hordes of other gunners. Our multi-day guided hunt trips have a minimum of 4 days. On these trips, hunters will have both the opportunity to hunt along the river as we move and hunt out of camp. For groups of 4 or more our trips are customizable, so if you would prefer to have a layover day at a certain camp that is an option as well.

For information on what you need to bring on a guided hunt visit our Chukar Hunting Overview page.


Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

50% down payment is required to book a trip with final payment due 30 days prior to launch. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable.  You are welcome to find a replacement for your spot.  We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance through a company like AIG Travel Guard or Travelex.  Please understand that when you book a spot, we lose the right to sell your spot to other individuals.  Our number of trips and clients per trip are limited by river management plans. We cannot make exceptions due to medical or family emergencies or weather conditions and strongly advise purchasing insurance to protect your investment.  Cancellation and interruption insurance can include full refund of your deposit and final payment should you cancel. If you cannot afford to forfeit your reservation dollars, you should purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Guided Chukar Hunting Rates

Grande Ronde River - $425 per day, 4 days minimum

Snake River through Hells Canyon - $425 per day, 5 days standard*


*For trips less than 5 days call us for possible changes in the daily rate

Snake River Chukar Hunts 2019 Launch Dates

September 21-24 FULL

October 4-8

October 15-19 FULL

October 22-26 FULL

October 29-Nov 2

November 5-9